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Ambassador Spotlight

Ambassador Spotlight


TL Green

Tell us about yourself and your business.

I'm a former hospitality Sales professional who transitioned into the Life Coaching field due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In my new role, I'm the owner of Holistically Original, a Life Coaching company, that focuses on helping individuals transitioning in their personal or professional life...especially those in the Black/Brown and LGBTQ+ communities which have been the most underserved. My purpose is to meet you where you are and partner with you to get you where you want to be.

What made you join the chamber?

I volunteered to assist with the 2021 Christmas event and due to my hard work during that time was offered a 1 year complimentary membership.

What’s the single best thing you’ve experienced as a business person in this community because of the efforts of the chamber?

The networking opportunities have been plentiful. The combination of different vendors you are able to connect/partner with in order to grow your business is invaluable as a small business owner.

What problem did the chamber help you solve in your own business?

As a new business owner, the Chamber allowed me to introduce my business to other members as well as offer an opportunity to donate my services in order to create brand awareness for my company.

Share what you’ve learned from chamber membership that you applied to your professional life?

Knowing the importance of utilizing the resources of those around you instead of feeling uncertain on what steps I should take next. It has been easy for me to ask other members questions that have been in business longer than I have because not only do they have knowledge....they've shown they want to share it as well.

What aspect/part of the community are you most grateful for?

Every part because that's what makes it unique and special. Without the different aspects/parts of our community...we would be boring as hell. Who really wants to be BORING? Not me....and I'm sure not many people who love living and experiencing all that life has to offer.

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